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KS2 – Hawks (Year 5 and Year 6)


                                 HAWKS CLASS 2019/20


Homework and Class Details





At the Birmingham Think Tank










At the Birmingham Islamic Centre








At the Houses of Parliament








Studying local flora







Learning about Uganda                         Practising Archery


Designing Viking Brooches                           Creating ‘On-the-go’ snacks


Science Fair                                               History topic – Vikings

Severn River Boat Trip

Yr 6 Meet A Midsummer Night’s Dream cast


             WWII Exhibition                                        Antarctic Exhibition


                     Outdoor Pursuits Climbing and Canoeing – Summer 2017    


Lifeline at  Park hall, where Year 6 are learning how to stay safe in the real world.

Winners were Nanci, Georgina, Amy and Beth






Look at Year 6’s Mountain Walk photos – 29/03/2017









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