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Mr Ray Hughes, the Active Travel and Road Safety Officer wrote a glowing report on his visit here, whilst delivering the Stepping Out Road Safety sessions.

“The children all did very well having to deal with a fair amount of moving traffic and wintery conditions. Their behaviour and positive attitude to the training was excellent and they were most polite with their visitor, a joy to work with”.



Trefonen Primary School facilities include classrooms, main school hall (where lunches, assemblies, PE and events take place) a well stocked library, music area, administration areas and quiet areas for one to one sessions or quiet reading.

The playground has marked out areas for netball, along with other educational play time markings. There are a number of timber role play items including a boat, train and house and an outdoor stage.

There are also several garden areas (reflection and wildlife), raised beds and tubs.

Mrs Jan Roberts / Mrs Dawn Swannick

TA – Mrs Sue Roach

KS1 – ROBINS – Reception and Year 1
Mrs Liz Day
TA –Mrs Sue Roach
KS1 – NIGHTINGALES – Year 1 and Year2
Mrs Lucy Drury and Mrs Laura Prust
TAs – Mrs Debbie Morris
KS2 – WRENS – Year 3 and Year 4
Mrs Naomi Phillips and Ms Shirla Oates
TA – Mrs Sarah McCracken
KS2 – PUFFINS – Year 4 and Year 5
Mrs Geke Cook
TA – Mrs Phoebe Fenwick
KS2 – HAWKS – Year 6


Pupils’ achievement throughout the school is good and pupils are well prepared for secondary school.

Ofsted Dec 2013

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