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Learning in the love of God

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Monday 8th Jan

Monday 5th Feb

Tuesday 6th Feb

Friday 9th Feb

Monday 19th Feb – Friday 23rd Feb

Monday 26th Feb

Thursday 29th Mar

Friday 30th Mar – Friday 13th Apr

Monday 16th Apr

Monday 7th May

Monday 14th May

28th May – 1st Jun

Friday 20th Jul

Monday 23rd Jul – Friday 5th Sept

Monday 3rd Sept

Tuesday 4th Sept

Monday 29th Oct – Friday 2nd Nov

Monday 5th Nov

Friday 21st December

Monday 24th Dec – Friday 4th Jan


Monday 7th Jan

Monday 18th Feb – Friday 22nd Feb

Friday 12th Apr

Monday 15th Apr – Friday 26th Apr

Monday 29th Apr

Monday 6th May

Monday 27th May – Friday 31st May

Friday 19th Jul

Monday 22nd Jul

Tuesday 23rd Jul – Friday 30th Aug

 2018 – 2019


Start of Spring Term

Start of Children’s Mental Health Week

Safer Internet Day

Own Clothes Day for You and I Charity

Spring Half Term

PD Day

End of Spring Term

Easter Holidays

Start of Summer Term

May Day

Start of SATs Week

Summer Half Term

End of Summer Term

Summer Holidays

PD Day

Start of Autumn Term

Autumn Half Term

PD Day

End of Autumn Term

Christmas Holiday


Start of Spring Term

Spring Half Term

End of Spring Term

Easter Holiday

Start of Summer term

May Day

Summer Half Term

End of Summer Term

PD Day

Summer Holiday