Our motto

Learning in the love of God


Mrs Jan Roberts KS1 – ROBINS – Reception and Year 1
TAs – Mrs Dawn Swannick, Mrs Sue Bengall and Mrs Jean Bothwell
Mrs Liz Day KS1 – NIGHTINGALES – Year 1 and Year2
TAs – Ms Debbie Jones
Mrs Lucy Drury and Mrs Geke Cook   TAs – Mrs Sarah McCracken KS2 – WRENS – Year 3 and Year 4
Mrs Naomi Phillips, Mrs Geke Cook KS2 – PUFFINS – Year 4 and Year 5
TA – Mrs Egerton Morris
Mrs Laura Prust and Miss Zarena Allan KS2 – HAWKS – Year 6
TAs – Mrs Gail Parkes
Mrs Margaret Richards Office Manager
Mrs Erica Morgan Pupil Support and Admin Assistant
Mrs Alison Conde Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs Sue Roach Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Lisa Richards Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Angela Jones Cleaner
Mr Paul Trevor Caretaker

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