Our motto

Learning in the love of God


Mrs Jan Roberts SPARROWS – Reception

KS1 – ROBINS – Year 1

TA – Mrs Dawn Swannick/Ms Jade Delooze
Mrs Liz Day KS1 – NIGHTINGALES – Year 1 and Year2
TA – Ms Jade Delooze
Mrs Lucy Drury and Mrs Laura Prust

TA and SEN – Mrs Debbie Morris

KS2 – WRENS – Year 3
Mrs Naomi Phillips and Ms Lucy McKinney (Mon) KS2 – PUFFINS – Year 4 and Year 5
TA – Ms Phoebe Fenwick
Mrs Geke Wormgoor and Ms Lucy McKinney (Fri) KS2 – HAWKS – Year 6
TA – Mrs Jenkins
Mrs Margaret Richards Office Manager
Mrs Sarah McCracken Admin Assistant/Assistant SEN Co-ordinator
Mrs Alison Conde Admin Assistant/Lunchtime Manager
Mrs Erica Morgan Admin Assistant/Website Manager
Mrs Hughes Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Angela Jones Cleaner
Mr Andy Pumford Caretaker

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