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Level 8



Purple level books include an increased proportion of longer sentences, with a more challenging vocabulary. Some Purple books have short chapters to challenge and encourage reading stamina.


Purple level books include longer and more complex sentences with the inclusion of complex (i.e. when) and simple (i.e. and) connectives. Story features such as plot, character and setting are developed in more detail, and the text in the non-fiction books is presented in a variety of ways.


How to support your child reading Purple level books
Your child is now beginning to read with more independence and their books are getting longer. You can help them by:

Encouraging them to read some pages silently, inside their heads.


Listening to some pages read aloud, encouraging the use of expression and paying attention to punctuation marks.


Talking about how events in the book relate to each other and helping your child to understand how the story builds up in a longer book.


Asking them to tell you about interesting things they found out and showing you where the information is in the book.