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Our Faith

Trefonen Church of England Primary School is proud to be closely linked with All Saints’ Church. We teach the basics of the Christian faith, using the Bible as our source book. and we also visit the church termly, with the church community visiting the school for regular assemblies.

Underlying all this is our belief that the teachings and example of Jesus Christ should guide us in our running of the school and in our relationships with children, parents, carers and each other.

Creation Celebration 2019

Rev Kathy Trimby talking about the rules by which we live, for the benefit of everyone.


Collective worship either whole school, Key Stage or class worship takes place daily, either in the hall, classroom or outside in the school Reflection Garden and grounds. There are termly theme of the worship and visitors from the community and the church often lead the worship. Christian Youth Workers may also run Worship Workshops in the classes and some Year 6 pupils are elected as Prayer Leaders, who then lead prayers during whole school worship.


Prayer is an important part of our school life. Children write and lead prayers in class and assemblies. Each classroom has a reflection area, quiet reflection times are part of worship so that children can think about important issues to themselves and be calm and still in their busy days (see our Reflection Garden below).



Our School Chaplain is Reverend Kathy Trimby

We are an inclusive school and respect the backgrounds, cultures and faiths of all our children and families. As part of our Christian teaching, all children at Trefonen School are encouraged to remember their brothers and sisters in the rest of the world.

Charity Events are held throughout the year, such as Sport Relief and Comic Relief. We also become involved in charity events suggested by the children, which reflect their hobbies and interests.


Methusela comes from Tanzania and all the children are involved in fund-raising activities, such as toy sales and cake stalls, to help us meet the responsibility of funding his education. We contribute a sum each month enabling him to receive schooling and medical care and we support him and his family with our prayers. The children are encouraged to write to him, forming a real relationship, and we receive regular information about him which we share with the children.


A number of children and parents regularly attend Messy Church, which includes worship.