Our motto

Learning in the love of God


There are five classes in Trefonen School.

TEACHING STAFF                                    CLASS
Mrs Jan Roberts KS1 – ROBINS – Reception and Year 1
TAs – Ms Jade Delooze,
Mrs Liz Day KS1 – NIGHTINGALES – Year 1 and Year 2
TAs – Mrs Dawn Swannick
Mrs Lucy Drury and Mrs Prust

TA – Mrs Debbie Morris

KS2 – WRENS – Year 3
Mrs Naomi Phillips and Ms Lucy McKinney (Mon) KS2 – PUFFINS – Year 4 and Year 5
TA – Ms Phoebe Fenwick
Mrs Geke Cook and Ms Lucy McKinney (Fri) KS2 – HAWKS – Year 5 and Year 6
TA – Mrs Maddy Jenkins



Our over arching, most important Golden Rule is:

Everyone will act with kindness and respect, and show consideration for others at all times.

  • We always try our best
  • We are friendly and kind to others
  • We talk nicely to everyone
  • We listen to others
  • We take care of other peoples things
  • We take care of school equipment
  • We take care of our school building
  • We only go where we are supposed to go
  • We keep our school tidy
  • We walk inside the school building

Our Golden Rules are displayed prominently around the school, including the school hall and in all classrooms.




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