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Nightingales Class

In Nightingales the children develop their P.E. through gymnastics, games, athletics and dance.

Children continue to develop their physical literacy through developing their agility, balance and co-ordination, (The ABCs) which are fundamental in PE.



The children perform simple rolls e.g. pencil and straddle, they develop their use of shape when balancing on different parts of their body. They develop their ability to copy short movements to combine simple balances. e.g. balance - travel – balance and using different ways of travelling e.g. skipping, walking, leaping, hopping.



In dance the children perform basic dance actions with greater control over each element. They choreograph motifs using repetition, direction, level, speed & space. They perform given and own routines from memory, performing all the elements in the correct order.



The children continue to develop their ability to catch a ball and throw accurately in different ways e.g. bounce, chest and overarm passing. They learn to move into a given space within a game and understand where to stand to make a game more difficult for an opponent. They learn to hit a ball with a racquet and stop and pass a ball with their feet. Children play mini small sided games.



In athletics the children take part in activities such as running, throwing and jumping. They learn techniques to improve their performance and how to evaluate their own and others performances.