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Puffins Class


Children in Puffins Class will study history topics on a two year cycle.


Cycle A (Red)

Children will learn about Greece ( ancient civilization), the Georgians ( British History),  Trefonen’s Local Heroes (local history).


Cycle B (Blue)

Children will learn about the Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Scots  as an ancient British Civilization. They will investigate who the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings were, why they invaded and settled in Britain and how well the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings got on with each other. Children will also learn about the achievements of the Indus Valley as an early civilization. They will learn about Early Islam, including Bagdhad. (contrasting British history with non-European Society)

In studying their history topics children will learn:

  • why some facts and events are especially important (significance)
  • how to place events within historical timelines (chronology)
  • important historical vocabulary and ideas (concepts).
  • why some things changed and other things stayed the same (continuity and change)
  • why some things happened and what other things happened as a result (cause and consequence).
  • what was the same and what was different (similarities and differences).


They will investigate:

  • different arguments and interpretations of history using sources and evidence (historical interpretation).
  • how information from the past helps us to understand the world today (historical perspective).