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INTENT - Our vision for English


Our commitment to the teaching of English throughout the school reflects our belief that all children should have the tools necessary to progress their own learning at school across a range of subject areas and beyond.


The English curriculum has three distinct strands:

  • Spoken Language
  • Reading
  • Writing


Spoken language is developed in each year group using a range of activities. Cross- curricular work is often a focus for quality spoken language which in turn supports the development od reading and writing.


Our vision is to encourage a genuine passion for reading and we aim to ensure that all children become confident, enthusiastic readers. It is vital that the early reading knowledge of letter sounds and spelling are taught rigorously through planned, systematic lessons which leads to fluency when blending and reading.  Confidence with phonics provides the basis for the development of strong reading skills and leads to the enjoyment of reading and the ability to access information independently.


We aim to ensure high standards of language and literacy by equipping children with a strong command of spoken and written language and to develop a love of literature through reading for enjoyment. The exposure to high quality literature is vital for learning across the curriculum and supports a strong reading culture throughout the school. The books children are exposed to offer rich opportunities for discussion and allow children to develop empathy and to extend their curiosity. It is our aim not only for children to see their cultures, families and relationships reflected in the books they encounter but to extend this into the cultures and experiences of others. Ultimately allowing children to participate fully and confidently as educated members of society, fostering an appreciation and widening their view of the diverse world in which they live and promoting a lifetime love of literature and learning.


The ability to read underpins all areas of the curriculum and equips children with the skills they need to absorb knowledge from across the curriculum. It prepares them for life in the real world and equips them with the necessary tools to navigate an increasingly complex world. We teach children to enjoy, value and treasure books and learn skills that they will carry with them throughout their life.


The writing skills of transcription (spelling and handwriting) and composition (articulating ideas structuring them in speech and writing) are developed through the approach of using high quality literature. Children are encouraged to draft, reflect upon and improve their written work following appropriate feedback. Books are placed at the core allowing teachers to use the text as the context for the requirements of the National Curriculum. We always aim for our writing opportunities to be meaningful with real reasons to write whether it be to entertain, instruct, persuade, explain or inform.