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Learning in love, growing in faith.

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Our Church Values

Learning in love - Growing in faith

Learning in love - Growing in faith

Trefonen school is a strong Christian school led by universal values. This helps to make our school a positive, safe and happy environment that helps all of our children to grow and thrive. We encourage and nurture attitudes of support, respect and care in all our activities and relationships. Our core value is RESPECT. Our school community chose the values that are really important to us, which we celebrate each month:



September - Community

October - Sharing

November - Empathy

December - Peace

January - Kindness

February - Happiness

March/April - Hope

May - Love

June - Freedom

July - Independence


Our school community also chose the scripture that is embedded throughout the life of our school:

"She is a tree of life to them that lay hold upon her; and happy is everyone that retains her" (Proverbs3.18, KJV)


This symbol of a tree is evident throughout the school, in reflection areas, on our playground and as part of our 'Happy Centred School' approach.