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Science Week 2022

Science Week

14th – 18th March 2022


This year’s National Science Week theme is “Growth”.


As part of our Science Week, we are inviting you and your family to enter a Science Project. Sadly, due to ongoing Covid 19 infection rates in our school, we have made the decision to keep it as a virtual Science Fair this year.


Children need to complete a project at home, film/photograph it and upload it to Teams by Wednesday 16th March. Try to explain the Science in your project by telling us what you needed, the method, what is happening scientifically and the outcome.


During Thursday 17th March, all classes will enjoy viewing the incredible creativity and scientific knowledge of your Science Fair entries.


Although the theme is ‘Growth’, you are welcome to base your project on any Science theme of interest. If you are excited by your project then that love of Science will reach us too when we watch it!


What should my project be about?

Think about an aspect of science that interests you. Here are some ideas:

Inventions which involve Science        Discoveries made by scientists

Materials                       Forces                           Pushes and Pulls

Growing Plants                  Magnets and Springs           Habitats

Electricity                      Light and Dark                 Sound/Hearing

Rocks and Soil                  Health and Growth            Our bodies    

Healthy Eating                  Looking after our environment               

Pollution                         Plants and animals              Life-cycles

Dissolving                       Melting                          Solids, Liquids and Gases

Keeping healthy                Colour and Light               Space and planets    

. . . . there are so many different kinds of Science but we are sure you will find something to interest you! If you are still stuck, try Googling ‘Science Fair Ideas’. This internet search will lead you to lots of ideas for practical and fun projects.


We are looking forward to seeing your entries during Science Week.

Good luck!