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The Owls' Nest

The Owls’ Nest (From September 2024)

The Owls’ Nest is Trefonen School’s nurture area / safe haven.

This is a short term break out space for pupils who are struggling with their social and emotional regulation and are not coping with being in their classroom.


There are times that children need a safe space in school, but out of class.

There are times that children may struggle to come into school, and are not ready to go into their classroom.

There are times during the school day that some children may feel overwhelmed and need to be in a smaller, quieter space.


During the school day children may take themselves to The Owls’ Nest if they find the classroom situation overwhelming.


Children may be sent to The Owls’ Nest, by their teacher if their dysregulation within the classroom is ‘hi-jacking’ the class learning and preventing the class from moving on with their learning.


At Trefonen, we recognise that when children are in The Owls’ Nest, they are in the safe place that they need to be at that time and they are doing what they need to do feel safe at that time.


Children are supervised within The Owls’ Nest. They are supported to engage in activities that will help them to feel safe and regulate their emotions to the point at which they are able to re-join their peers / class.