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Wrens Class


Pupils should:

Computing systems and networks: Connecting computers

Create media: Animation

Create media: Desktop publishing

Data and information: Branching databases

Programming A: Sequence in music

Programming B: Events and actions



Pupils should:

  • Identify issues online that make someone feel sad, worried, uncomfortable or frightened and how to get help.
  • Use keywords in search engines and voice activated search engines
  • Understand that online content can be real and false
  • Learn from Safer Internet Day activities
  • Identify ways to communicate online 
  • Understand the importance of asking for permission from others before sharing something about them online and that this can be seen and copied by others. 
  • Explain what bullying is, how people may bully others and how bullying can make someone feel. 
  • Explain how passwords can be used to protect information, accounts and devices. 
  • Describe and explain some rules for keeping personal information private (e.g. creating and protecting passwords).