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Puffins Class

Key projects, knowledge and concepts covered in Puffins class include:


Mechanical systems-Pneumatics

Key learning

  • Generate their own realistic ideas and use annotated sketches and prototypes to develop, model and communicate ideas
  • Select and use tools with some accuracy, cut and join materials and components such as tubing, syringes and balloons
  • Investigate and find information on and products with their own products and ideas against criteria and user needs
  • Understand and use pneumatic mechanisms


Electrical  systems-Simple circuits and switches

Key learning

  • Use annotated sketches, cross sectional and exploded diagrams to develop and communicate ideas
  • Select and use tools with some accuracy to cut, shape, join and finish
  • Use construction materials and electrical components according to their functional properties and aesthetic qualities 
  • Understand and use electrical systems in their products, such as circuits incorporating switches, bulbs and buzzers.


Structures-Frame structures

Key learning

  • Research user needs and existing products and develop and model innovative ideas into a design specification
  • Formulate a plan with a step-by-step list of tasks and resources
  • Use tools to accurately measure, mark out, cut, shape and join materials to make frameworks
  • Use finishing techniques suitable for the product and critically evaluate their products against a range of  criteria
  • Research key events relevant to frame structures


Textiles-Combining different fabric shapes

Key learning

  • Generate and communicate innovative ideas through research
  • Produce detailed lists of equipment and fabrics and formulate step-by-step plans for making
  • Investigate and analyse textile products linked to their final product and compare the final product to the original design specification
  • Know that a 3D textile product can be made from a combination of pattern pieces, fabrics can be strengthened, stiffened and reinforced.


Food-Celebrating culture and seasonality

Key learning

  • Generate and explore innovative ideas through research and discussion to develop a design brief
  • Write a step-by-step recipe, including a list of ingredients, equipment and utensils
  • Using appropriate utensils and equipment accurately make, decorate and present a food product for the intended user and purpose
  • Evaluate a range of range of relevant products and ingredients and the final product with reference to the design brief and specification
  • Understand seasonality and the source of different products