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Wrens Class

Key geography enquiry questions explored in Wrens class include:


Why do we love to be beside the seaside? How is Trefonen, Shropshire different to New Brighton, The Wirral?

In this topic children locate their region and local area on a range of maps and compare this with the location of another UK region and town. They develop their map drawing skills by drawing maps of their route to school and plans of their school buildings and surrounding area. They use field work to discover the features our school village and through a educational visit compare this by visiting the town of New Brighton. Comparisons are made between population, land use and economic activity in the areas.


Why do so many people head to the Mediterranean for their holidays?

This study involves pupils learning to name and locate countries in all four regions of Europe. They learn about the key physical and human features of Europe and study a region of Europe- the Mediterranean in Southern Europe, learning about its key features and what makes it a popular place to holiday.


How does a river change along its course and how does water go round and round?

Children learn the names and locations of the key rivers of the UK. They learn about the course of a river and how rivers change as the make their way to the sea. Children learn about the water cycle and how our water has been here for millions of years. Field work includes a visit to a local stream to look more closely at features and learn to take measurements and make observations. 


What are hills and mountains? Why do some volcanoes cause more damage than others?

Through this study children begin to learn how mountains and volcanoes are formed. They learn the names and locations of the world's key mountains and volcanoes. In a study of one of the world's most famous volcano- Mount Vesuvius, the children learn why people would want to live near something that could cause such destruction.


How can we live more sustainably?

Children develop their understanding of sustainability and the effects that human activity is having on our planet. They learn about global warming and climate change and the actions humans are taking to reduce this. They plan ways to educate others about the issues and encourage them to be more environmentally friendly.


What would it be like to live in Brazil? Why are rainforests so wet?

In this enquiry children first learn the names and locations of countries in South America and then focus in on Rio de Janerio, Brazil. They research life in Rio for different people, including those who live in favelas and learn just how diverse life can be in one city. The enquiry also takes the children into the Brazilian rainforests, learning about the different layers and the diversity found there. Children learn how the rainforests are changing and importance of protecting them.