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Stone Age Workshop 2022

On Friday 2nd December we had a fantastic Stone Age Workshop delivered by Stephanie Bellows from Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre. What an incredible day we had!


We created Stone Age art using different coloured minerals and pigments added to water. To make the paper look like the wall of a cave we scrunched it up before we began. We used charcoal to sketch, if we wanted to, then painted using the easiest brushes in the world - our fingers! Also, we learnt how to use a fire bow. We were lucky to work in partners to do this as the wood was hard to hold in place whilst using the bow. It was much easier to create heat this way for Stone Age people as using hands is tiring. Our third activity involved exploring the field next to school. Although there wasn't much wind, we managed to find the direction it was coming from and would make sure our scent wasn't heading towards any animals we wanted to hunt. There were mole hills to explore (the biggest mound is where they sleep and between each mound is a tunnel) then we found a great place to hide to hunt bigger animals behind the hill. There were plenty of plants that could be eaten too if needed, including berries at certain times of year.

Planning a hunt

Use a fire bow