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Hawks Class

Children in Hawks will be taught lessons from the Progressive and Creative Curriculum units, which are the most challenging units and are suitable for Year 6 pupils or pupils with a good understanding of the basics of the language they are learning. Grouping units into these Teaching Type categories ensures that the French taught is appropriate to the level of the class and introduced when the children are ready. Children will be taught how to listen and read longer pieces of text gradually in the foreign language and they will have ample opportunities to speak, listen to, read and write French with and without scaffolds, frames and varying levels of support. The children will learn lesson 3 and 4 of phonics to further improve their pronunciation,

À L’École

In this unit the children will learn how to:

Repeat and recognise the vocabulary for school subjects.

Say what subjects they like and dislike at school and why they like/ dislike certain subjects.

Tell the time (on the hour) in French and say what time they study certain subjects at school.


Le Week-end

In this unit the children will learn how to:

Ask what the time is in French and tell the time accurately in French.

Learn how to say what they do at the weekend in French.

Learn to integrate connectives into their work.

Present an account of what they do and at what time at the weekend.


La Seconde Guerre Mondiale

In this unit the children will learn how to:

Group/order unknown vocabulary to help decode text in French.

Improve their listening and reading skills.

Name the countries and languages involved in WW2.

Say what the differences were in city and country life during the war.

Learn to integrate all their new and previous language writing a letter home as an evacuee living in the countryside.