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“Music can change the world.”

- Ludwig Van Beethoven

At  Trefonen Primary School, it is our vision that every child leaves our school with a passion for music. Music is a subject that permeates the different aspects of one’s life. It plays a role in pupil’s enjoyment and helps children to regulate their mental well-being and focus. The performance opportunities in the school allow the children to develop into confident individuals that are forthcoming in expressing their talents: this experience will assist them as they develop through to adulthood and find their future paths. Our curriculum facilitates the exploration of various types of music from different cultures and historical time frames. They learn to listen to music with intent and focus and are able to creatively respond to the pieces using their developing musical understanding. The children’s lessons promote creative thinking. They explore various beats and rhythms and begin to learn the skill of note reading. The curriculum focuses on the child developing as a holistic, well-rounded individual who appreciates the arts and how they influence the world today.

Through our music lessons at Trefonen our aim is for our children to develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and attributes that will help them to develop a life long love of music.

We now offer more opportunities for pupils to experience music and the performing arts at Trefonen CE Primary School.


Drama Club and Singing Club are available to join. 


We have music instrumental teaching in school. (Piano/voice on Thursdays and violin on Fridays.) Lessons are provided through Shropshire Music Service. To sign up for lessons, please complete their form using this weblink: