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Our orienteering team finally had the opportunity to take part in the Oswestry area competition on Wednesday after two postponements. It was worth the wait as the weather was amazing for us. The team had to complete three challenges. They started on the orienteering course on the fields. Ten points were marked on a map and the children had to work together in pairs to find them in order from the starting number that they were given. Our pairs were amazing and finished in 2nd and 3rd place in their round. Next, the pairs had to follow a route on a netball court marked with cones, collecting up numbers as they went. They were timed to see how quickly they could add up their routes. The event finished with a symbol matching relay in the sports hall. Our team got faster each time they completed their relay. We wished we had trackers on to see how far the children had run- it must have been miles over the event! When the overall team results were announced at the end, we found that we had come second, missing first place by less than 1 point!! Congratulations Team Trefonen.


Our team of 4 pupils, two Year 5 and two Year 6, took part in the orienteering competition at the Marches.

Report to follow

Orienteering Champions!

Congratulations to our orienteering team from Hawks class, who took part in an orienteering competition held at The Marches. They took part in activities such as 'counting cones', 'symbols matching' and a 'Score competition with controls. There was some strong opposition from other schools, however our team showed superb map reading skills and excellent teamwork and were delighted to be crowned ‘The Winners!’ and were awarded a trophy to engrave.