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Robins Class

Key projects, knowledge and concepts covered in Robins class include:


Mechanisms-Sliders and levers

Key learning

  • Generating, modelling and communicating ideas
  • Planning, making and selecting tools and using finishing techniques
  • Exploring books and products; evaluating own product against original criteria
  • Exploring sliders, levers; understanding types of movement; technical vocabularly


Textiles-Templates and joining techniques

Key learning

  • Design a functional, appealing product for a chosen user and purpose
  • Generate, develop and communicate ideas
  • Use a range of textiles, tools and equipment to perform practical tasks
  • Explore and evaluate existing textile products and their own ideas and products
  • Understand how 3-D textile products are made. using joining, templates and finishing to create two identical shapes


Structures-Freestanding structures

Key learning

  • generate design ideas; developing modelling and explaining using talk, mock up and drawings
  • Planning, making and selecting tools and new and recycled materials; using finishing techniques
  • Exploring existing freestanding structures; evaluating their own products against original criteria 
  • Know about strengthening structures: knowledge of vocabulary 


Mechanisms-Wheels and axels

Key learning

  • Generate ideas and simple design criteria
  • Develop and communicate ideas through drawings and mock ups
  • Select a range of tools, equipment and materials to perform practical tasks
  • Explore wheels and axels and evaluate their ideas and products against original criteria


Food-Preparing fruit and vegetables

Key learning

  • Designing appealing products for the user; investigating fruit and vegetables and generating ideas; communicating through talk and drawings
  • Selecting a range of fruits and vegetables; using simple  utensils and equipment
  • Tasting and evaluating user's preference; evaluating ideas ideas and finished products against original criteria
  • Understand where ingredients come from and the basis of a healthy and balanced diet