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Our Geography Learning Journey

We are a 2041 school- Champions of Antarctica



Geography has a vital contribution to make towards the development of our children.


Through geography we unravel the wonder of people, places and environments. We aim to stimulate our children to be curious about their own area and the wider world. We want our pupils to have a desire to explore and investigate people, places and the environment and to develop the knowledge to be able to do so. We intend for pupils to enjoy and value what they see around them and have concern for their future.


We want our children to know about the natural environment and the pressures it faces, how interconnected our world is, how our world is changing locally and globally, how our actions contribute to changes and the choices that exist in managing the world.


If they are to make good decisions about their future children need to know how their lives are connected to others and the environment, and how they are shaped by and impact on the environments they live in. They will increase knowledge and understanding of the fast changing world that we live in and foster a sense of responsibility and respect for our school grounds, our village, the earth its people and its resources.


Through our geography curriculum, our children will learn how to successfully navigate their world and develop geographical thinking through direct experience. They will increase knowledge and understanding of different communities and cultures within Trefonen, Shropshire, the UK and the world and how these relate to each other. We place high value on global citizenship.


We encourage pupils to ask questions and propose solutions to environmental problems within our school grounds, our village, local area and the wider world.


Our curriculum is logically organised and sequenced to ensure that knowledge is built upon. We want pupils to be able to apply their knowledge to future learning. Their learning should be rich, deep and durable that is transferable and built upon strong emotional literacy. Our curriculum makes good use of our local area and we aim to bridge any gaps in pupil’s experiences for example visiting contrasting places and experiencing the outdoors.


 “A high-quality geography education should inspire in pupils a curiosity and fascination about the world and its people that will remain with them for the rest of their lives”. Geography Programme of Study.