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Puffins Class

Children in Puffins will be taught lessons from the Intermediate Language units. These units increase the level of challenge by increasing the amount and complexity (including foreign language grammar concepts) of the foreign language presented to pupils. Intermediate units are suitable for Year 4-5 pupils or pupils with embedded basic knowledge of the foreign language.



In Puffins class, children have ample opportunity to speak, read and write French. They review their understanding of Phonics 1 and move on to unit 2.


The 'Je me présente' unit moves beyond 10 to counting up to 20 in French.

They will: say their name and their age; say hello and goodbye and then ask how somebody is feeling and answer how they are feeling; tell you where they live; tell you if they are French or English and start to learn about the concept of gender and agreement.


During the En Famille' unit, they will: continuously recap on previous key vocabulary and phrases; say the nouns in French for members of their family; tell somebody in French the members and age of a fictitious, historical or television family as a model to present and practise family vocabulary; continue to count, reaching 100, to enable students to say the age of various family members and understand the concept of mon, ma and mes in French.


Whilst studying 'Quel Temps Fait-il?', children will: repeat and recognise the vocabulary for weather in French; ask what the weather is like today and say what it is like today; create a French weather map and describe the weather in different regions of France using a weather map with symbols.


'As-Tu Un Animal?' In this unit the children will learn how to: repeat, recognise and attempt to spell the eight nouns (including the correct article for each) for pets in French; tell somebody in French if they have or do not have a pet; ask somebody else in French if they have a pet; tell somebody in French the name of their pet and attempt to create a longer phrase using the connectives ET (“and”) or MAIS (“but”)


Goldilocks and the Three Bears - Boucle D’Or Et Les Trois Ours

Children in Puffins will: listen attentively to the story and recognise, understand and remember more new language; increase their memory potential in French by using picture cards, word cards and phrase cards in French; increase their thinking and reasoning skills in French, identifying strategies to use in the future for memorising new words and phrases and attempt to spell in French.