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Robins Class


EYFS Pupils should:

Recognise technology in and out of school

Follow instructions and sequences – Remote controlled cars

Share ebooks

Program BeeBots

Create, save and retrieve work – easy speaks and easy whiteboards


Year 1 Pupils should:

Computing systems and networks: Explore technology around us

Create media: Digital painting

Create media: Digital writing

Data and information: Group data

Programming A: Move a robot

Programming B: Introduce animation



Pupils should:

  • Recognise that online or offline nobody should make them feel sad, uncomfortable, embarrassed or upset
  • Know to ask a trusted adult for help
  • Learn from Safer Internet Day activities
  • Describe how people ca be unkind on the internet and how this makes others feel
  • Know rules that can keep us safe and healthy in/beyond home using technology
  • Know what personal information is: name, address
  • Be able to identify trusted adults
  • Know that their work belongs to them and to write their name on it.