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Nightingales Class


Pupils should:-

  • Recognise technology use in and out of school
  • Follow and design instructions and sequences
  • Program digital devices – BeeBots – instructions, sequence and repetition
  • Use word – to create, save and retrieve work
  • Create algorithms/instructions - Scratch Spelling Rules/Scratch Tinkering
  • Use logical reasoning and prediction – Scratch Pizza Pickle




  • Recognise that online or offline nobody should make them feel sad, uncomfortable, embarrassed or upset
  • Know to ask a trusted adult for help
  • Know that some things on the internet are factual and some are not based on fact
  • Know how to find information online using search engines and voice activated searching
  • Learn from Safer Internet Day activities
  • Recognise the importance of when to ask permission and have the support from a trusted adult to communicate online
  • Explain passwords can be created to protect information and devices
  • Identify personal information and reasons why it should not be shared online
  • Know to always ask a trusted adult about sharing information.