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Maths Week

MATHS WEEK ENGLAND 13th - 18th November 2023


This week was packed full of amazing maths and opportunities for all the pupils. There were: workshops/presentations; live webinars; TTRS competitions; videos; maths trails; escape room activities; fantastic Maths Puzzles and challenging Brainteasers throughout the school, as part of Maths Week England.


It was lovely to see all the children in the hall on Monday, taking part in the 'Maths on Toast' activity - Terrific Triangles and Tetratreedons, with lots of enthusiasm! The pupils learnt about fractals and rep-tiles and explored how these worked with equilateral triangles. They created fantastic tetrahedrons using nets and constructed a very Christmassy 'tetratreedon', which is on display in the hall.


Robins Class

The Robins went on a special maths trail for "Welly Wednesday" finding maths in nature everywhere! They created some wonderful patterns with their triangles and loved being part of the whole school maths workshop on Monday.

Nightingales Class

In Nightingales the pupils have been busy with so many puzzles and problems on nrich (Cambridge University's Maths Outreach programme). They have played 'Cover the Camel'; explored patterns with cubes; used length to solve problems with Robots (Year 1) and created some fabulous tetrahedrons.

Wrens Class

The Wrens have been taking part in the TTRS England Rocks competition, with some great play from the Year 3 and Year 4 'Rock stars' and 'Rock legends'. - achieving a very respectable 3 rd place. They have taken part in an nrich puzzle, trying to find out the biggest 2-digit number they can make out a group of digits. A favourite activity of the week was the 'Maths of Toast' activity where they made tetrahedrons and turned them into tetratreedons! However, many liked the MWE cubes video puzzle, set by professional mathematician Dr. Katie Skeckles.

Puffins Class

The Puffins class have really enjoyed taking part in Maths Week England. They have been competing in TTRS; solving video puzzles (set by professional mathematicians); combined maths and orienteering and explored patterns with nrich's 'Xavi's T-shirt puzzle'. The Puffins Class also came an impressive 1st in the TTRS England Rocks Competition, with some top scorers on the leader-board. Well done Puffins Class - great team effort! Favourite activities for the class were the TTRS competition and trying to solve the MWE cubes video puzzle; while some enjoyed the 'Terrific Triangles and Tetrahedrons' activity.

Hawks Class

The Year 6s have been busy solving Numberella's Escape room and the Daily video puzzles, set by different professional mathematicians for MWE such as The Mark and Shania Train Problem by Andrew Jeffery. The Year 5s have been enthusiastically exploring nrich's 'Spiral Patterns' and 'Sea Level activities'. The class came a close 2nd in the TTRS England Rocks Competition, with some top scorers from Year 5 and Year 6.

Please email to tell us about all the amazing maths activities you have been doing at home.