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Year 4 outdoor activities

2022 Year 4 visit to Isle of Bicton Estate

The Year 4s had an excellent day at their wild campsite, where they foraged for wood and made campfires with it. They made campsite bread and lit the fires, cooking their delicious flatbreads. In the afternoon they enjoyed practising their archery (with real bows and arrows!) and solved logic and memory outdoor puzzles. Everyone had an amazing time and ate their lunch in a giant expedition tent, while listening to the rain!


The Year 4 pupils were delighted to take part in a camping, archery, foraging and wild cooking day - on Friday the 21st June. They spent the day on a secluded, private campsite adjacent to the River Severn on the Isle Estate. There they learnt about the wildlife and plant life. They used great teamwork and some engineering skills to erect a giant Sami tepee, whilst learning about the origins of the shelter. Next they roamed the site, foraging for wood to build their own campfires. Later they took part in archery, made samosas and naan bread - which was toasted over fire pits. The children loved it! When I asked them what they enjoyed the most, they said "Everything!" "My favourite thing was foraging for sticks and making bread." Lexie "I liked the archery - using REAL arrows!" Zak.