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Wrens Class

Key projects, knowledge and concepts covered in Wrens class include:


Mechanical systems-Levers and linkages

Key learning

  • Generate realistic ideas and use annotated sketches and prototypes to develop, model and communicate ideas
  • Select and use tools with some accuracy to cut, shape and join paper and card
  • Investigate and analyse their own and others' products with lever and linkage mechanisms
  • Understand and use lever and linkages, and fixed and loose pivots


Electrical systems-Simple programming and control

Key learning

  • Gather information and develop and communicate realistic design ideas using annotated sketches and prototypes
  • Connect simple electrical components in a series circuit and program an interface to enhance the way the product works
  • Investigate and analyse a range of powered products, including programmed, and evaluate their own products and design criteria
  • Understand and use computing to program and control products with electrical systems


Structures-Shell structures using computer-aided design (CAD)

Key learning

  • Generate ideas and designs, developing them through analysis of shell structures and use CAD to model and communicate ideas
  • Plan the making and use appropriate tools and software, explaining their choices.  Use computer-generated finishing techniques
  • Evaluate shell structures and their own products
  • Develop knowledge of nets of cubes and cuboids and more complex 3D shapes and how to construct strong, stiff shell structures


Textiles-2D and 3D product

Key learning

  • Generate design criteria for an appealing, functional product for specific users
  • Produce annotated sketches, prototypes, final product sketches and pattern places
  • Select fabrics and fastenings according to their functional characteristics 
  • Investigate a range of 3D textiles products
  • Test their product against the original criteria and the intended user


Food-Healthy and varied diet

Key learning

  • Generate ideas and develop design criteria for an appealing product for a user and a purpose
  • Plan the main stages of a recipe, listing ingredients, utensils and equipment
  • Select from a range of ingredients to make appropriate food products
  • Carry out and record evaluations of a variety of ingredients and products
  • Know a range of appropriate ingredients, and whether they are grown, reared or caught