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“Every child an artist.” - Pablo Picasso


Our vision for Art and Design is to ensure children communicate expressions, feelings, ideas and experiences in a creative and tactile manner. In Art and Design, children are taught art appreciation using artists that have historically influenced the world. Through Design, children are taught how craftspeople, artists, designers and architects have shaped and continually shape our world. This in turn exposes children to positive and life-long opportunities within creative industries. We are committed to link the Arts to all subject areas to provide access for all children to achieve in every subject.


At our school, we recognise that Art & Design embodies some of the highest forms of human creativity. Our school’s aim for our Art & Design curriculum is to engage, inspire and challenge our pupils, equipping them with the knowledge, skills, desire and confidence to experiment, invent and create their own works of art and design. As our pupils progress, we expect them to be able to  think critically about their work and develop and apply an increasingly rigorous understanding of the key principles of art and  design. We aim for our children to develop an increasing understanding of how art and design reflects and shapes our history and contributes to the culture, creativity and wealth of our nation.


At Trefonen school, we recognise that learning the knowledge and techniques in art and design gives our children an additional language, a ‘visual language’, that provides another means to express their ideas and process and their thoughts. Art & design lessons provide opportunities for children to learn in ways that differ from other subject areas and supports the development of well-rounded children.


In addition to the statutory aims of our Art and Design Curriculum, at Trefonen we also aim that our Art & Design curriculum will:

  • Inspire and encourage our children to experience art & design as a positive outlet, that is vital to maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle
  • Provide opportunities for children to share and discuss their subjective opinions about their own work and the work of others in a way that is respectful
  • Allow children time to create with opportunities to problem solve and review and refine their work
  • Teach children disciplinary knowledge and processes through a range of materials
  • Provide children with opportunities to explore the potential of different materials and make independent discoveries
  • Place art and design in a wider context, making it relatable for our children to make links with current affairs and popular culture
  • Give children access to knowledge, information and experiences related to specific artworks and artists, e.g historic or political 
  • Introduce children to a range of male and female artists from different times and places and artists from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds 
  • Support children in making links between art and design and their learning in other subject areas
  • Allow children to use their own ideas and experience to create work that is important to them and is valued
  • Provide an environment where children feel safe taking risks and are not intimidated by ‘getting it wrong’
  • Provide opportunities for children to work alone and in collaboration with others
  • Enable children to have a sense of pride and achievement
  • Help children to make connections between art and design and the world of work by informing them about creative industries and careers that exist
  • Empower children to pursue creative endeavours.