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Hawks Class

Singing: sing a song in unison and 3-part harmony, sing with attention to accuracy in rhythm, pitch and dynamics, develop rehearse and perform a musical, including singing, playing and movement, change vocal tone to reflect mood and style

Playing instruments: read a melody in staff notation, develop ensemble playing, focusing on steady beat and placing notes accurately together, control short, loud sounds on a variety of instruments, play tuned instrumental parts confidently from graphic scores with scores names

Improvising/exploring: create musical effects using contrasting pitch, improvise descriptive music on instruments and other sound-makers

Composing: develop a structure for a vocal piece and create graphic scores, develop song writing and create a piece of music through the use a tuned instrument (ukulele)
Listening: learn about the music of an early baroque opera, experience and understand the effect of changing harmony, listen to and understand modulation in a musical bridge

Appraising: compare and contrast two pieces of 19th century Romantic music, explore and analyse a song arrangement and its structure, rehearse, improve and analyse an ensemble performance, with attention to balance and staying in time