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Nightingales Class

Singing: sing a song together as a group; use voices to create descriptive sounds; prepare and improve a performance using movement, voice and percussion

Playing instruments: use instruments to create descriptive sounds; use instruments expressively in response to visual stimuli

Improvising/exploring: create a soundscape using instruments; explore different sound sources and materials; explore timbre and texture to understand how sounds can be descriptive; explore different ways to organise music

Composing: create a picture in sound; compose music to illustrate a story; perform and create simple three- and four-beat rhythms using a simple score
Listening: identify changes in pitch and respond to them with movement; understand musical structure by listening and responding through movement; match descriptive sounds to images

Appraising: listen in detail to a piece of orchestral music (e.g. identify instruments or identify how it depicts a season); identify a repeated rhythm pattern; identify ways of producing sounds (e.g. strike, pluck, shake); use simple musical vocabulary to describe music; listen, describe and respond to contemporary orchestral music