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Puffins Class

Singing: combine singing, playing and dancing in a performance, prepare for a performance by considering narration, performance space, setting up and other logistics, develop techniques of performing rap using textures and rhythm, sing and play scales and chromatic melodies accurately

Playing instruments: play a pentatonic song with leaps in pitch on tuned percussion, play a piece with melody, chords, bass and rhythm parts from graphic, rhythm and staff notation

Improvising/exploring: develop accompaniments using ostinato and invent or improvise rhythms on untuned percussion, learn about jazz, scat singing and devise scat sounds, play and improvise using the whole tone scale

Composing: compose and notate pentatonic melodies on a graphic score, compose a rap, compose a fanfare
Listening: copy rhythms and a short melody, listen to and learn about Renaissance instruments, hear and understand the features of the whole tone scale, listen to and learn about the modern classical/avant garde music

Appraising: develop listening skills by analysing and comparing music from different traditions, listen to a 19th century tone poem and describe its effects and use of the musical dimensions, listen to and analyse 19th century impressionist music using musical vocabulary